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TCH – Hua Hin Property Agent, Hua Hin Property Consultancy & Hua Hin Property Solutions

At Thai Country Homes we are so excited about 2018 as we have made some significant changes to the business. We welcome Scott Beecham on board as our Business Development Manager and his wife Supichaya Beecham as our Social Media Marketing Manager.

We have upgraded all our social media platforms and ask you to follow our business page on Facebook.

Our Property team are buzzing with enthusiasm and we have some special properties listed available to buy.

TCH Hua Hin Property Agent is a boutique, family run business that aims to make a difference in the Hua Hin Real Estate industry, whether it be buying your next home or selling a home in Hua Hin, a holiday home, retirement home or an Expat relocating we are here to help.

TCH is an established Hua Hin Real Estate Company offering its services to people who are considering buying or building a property in Hua Hin and need good independent advice. Finding a company that can meet your exact needs is not a walk in the park as local knowledge and networking is a specialized business. Working with a professional independent company who specialize in all aspects of the Hua Hin Property Market from private re-sales to Hua Hin Developments and construction can be a great resource to take your plans to the next level. We work with a buyer to find the perfect property, land or builder and after discussing your requirements we will search for the Perfect Property in Hua Hin that suits you. The most valuable aspect about our service is that there is no cost to the buyer; our fees are paid for by the seller or the developer.

We work to a strict code of conduct and market all of our listings professionally with equal status.

Listing Policy

The business plan of TCH Hua Hin Property Listings to restrict the amount of listings on our website and then to proactively try to generate a sale for the listed properties, something we could not do if we overload the site with too many properties.

We will register the amount of inquiries we receive for each property listed and if after a few months there has been no interest in a property then we will contact the seller to discuss how to progress to achieve a sale, as to leave a property on our site that we are spending time and money on actively promoting and is generating no interest, is no good for our business or for the seller.

Please be aware that as we restrict the amount of properties listed on our site we will only list properties that we feel are realistically priced to sell in today’s Hua Hin Property Market.

It is not always just about reducing the sales price to find a buyer, it could be that by investing in a makeover could have the desired effect without spending too much money and we would make recommendations, however we will eventually remove listings from our site if a buyer cannot be found.

TCH Hua Hin Group 

One Stop Shop – Hua Hin Property Search Service

If we do not have a property listed on our site that suits a client’s criteria, we can offer an Hua Hin Property Search through many other listings, which is free of charge as we are paid a percentage of the sales commission by the seller. With our experience of the property market in Hua Hin we can offer you honest and independent advice in your search for a property be it a new property or a re-sale property. We can introduce you to the best and safest developments in Hua Hin and we can advise you on the legalities of purchasing a property in Thailand. We can also recommend reputable, English speaking lawyers.

Our Services include:

Hua Hin Property For Sale / Hua Hin Property Market / Hua Hin Property Listings / Hua Hin Property Search / Buying Property in Hua Hin / Hot Properties in Hua Hin / Star Properties in Hua Hin / Developments in Hua Hin/ Condos Hua Hin / Condominiums Hua Hin / Real Estate Hua Hin / Estate Agent Hua Hin / Property Agent Hua Hin / Realtors Hua Hin / Property Solutions Hua Hin / Homes for Sale Hua Hin / Golf Course Properties Hua Hin / Luxury Homes Hua Hin / Hua Hin Homes for the 21st Century / Hua Hin Property Listings / Hua Hin Property Consultancy / Pro Real Estate Agent / Property For sale Hua Hin / New Developments Hua Hin / ECO Developments Hua Hin / Private Pool Villas Hua Hin / We do not list property Nationwide Thailand we specialise in Hua Hin Property /

Luxury Homes in Hua Hin – Custom Builds

We can advise you and put you in touch with the right company if you are looking at designing and building a home to your own concept on private plots of land in Hua Hin. You tell them how you feel your dream home should look. They will take your vision through its concept design, planning, and building phases and we are with you every step of the way up to the moment you enter your front door and open the champagne. If you don’t already own land we can search for the right piece of land for you in the area of Hua Hin that suits your requirements and negotiate the sales price on your behalf.


TCH Hua Hin is proud to work with the award winning Construction Company Hua Hin Quality House led by the Thailand Property Award winning constructor Mr. Eakkarat Suppagarn. Khun Eakkarat has built both the Thailand Property Award winning developments Smart House Valley and Baan Phu Thara.

Hua Hin Quality House offers you more than 30 varieties of house models with conceptual design and utilizes specific building materials. They will design your house according to your preference for your comfort and satisfaction. They are also open to your requests of any major or minor changes you want for your design (the price will be varied based on our customer’s real costs). They will design your new house according to your style and propose all costs needed for the construction. They will estimate the budget needed in order to fulfill your dream house without any cost and will meet your needs in home and industrial building. They can offer a choice of many stylish designs or will build to your exact specifications.

Their services include, but are not limited to:

  • Architectural Design and Blue Printing
  • Construction
  • Landscape Design and Installation
  • Interior Design and Decoration
  • Turn Key

Their team looks forward to the opportunity to serve you in all your construction needs. www.huahinqhouse.com

Legal Partner

“Legal Services Hua Hin” appointed the legal partner of TCH Hua Hin.

Legal Services Hua Hin has a fresh customer oriented approach, providing advice & guidance and they have been appointed the legal partner of TCH Hua Hin to deal with all legal aspects of our business here in Thailand.

We want to make sure that purchasers are given advice to the very high standard that we require and if purchasers would like to use their services in relation to all aspects of buying a property then please feel free to contact Mod with regard to her services and fees.

Their office is located in Makro’s car park, Soi 4, Petchkasem road, Hua Hin which is about 5 kilometers north of Hua Hin town center.

Read more at legalservicesuahin.com

Parichat Martin (Mod)
Legal advisor
Thai national, fluent in English with BA, LL.B and MBA.
Specializes in commercial law, property transfer and registration.

+66 (0) 84 881 8396

Kraivit Prarityachadtrakul
Registered lawyer
License no.1713/2553
Over 5 years experience and specializes litigation in Thailand.