About Gold Alliance

Why Should You List Your Property Exclusively with the Gold Alliance ?

We Spend Time, Money and Effort on Generating Leads and Viewings

When you list your property with the Gold Alliance you join a dedicated team focused on finding you the right buyer. Rather than just spread shooting your listing around the internet and hoping for a hit, we use data specialists to market our listings to the target demographic. We will produce high quality marketing materials including high resolution photos and walk through videos of your property making it an attractive prospect to potential buyers.

We Carry Out a Thorough Due Diligence

By doing this prior to listing it ensures a smooth sales process, eliminating the possibility of last minute emergencies and nasty surprises during the signing of contracts.

Honest Advice on How to Make Your Property Sell-able

The property market here can be difficult with many many properties for sale. With the Gold Alliance you will receive honest, professional advice on what can make your property more attractive and stand out from the crowd. Remember, first impressions count.

An Honest Valuation

It’s absolutely essential that your property is valued correctly. If you enter the market with a property that is overpriced your chances of a sale are greatly reduced and the agents’ efforts are redundant from the outset. With an accurate valuation you avoid the possibility of vastly reducing the selling price in an effort to get a sale. This screams desperation and could create a negative impression of a property.

The Fewer Websites Your Property Appears on the Better

This can seem paradoxical but it’s true. When prospective buyers who have been in the market for a period of time see a particular property repeatedly appearing on many websites it creates the impression that there is something wrong, especially if it’s been on multiple sites for 6 months or more. What’s wrong with this property? It looks good, why hasn’t it sold? Contracts – When you list your property with the Gold Alliance you sign an official, exclusive contract; not just a verbal one. What this avoids is confusion and in fighting amongst the property agents which can create a negative and unprofessional impression on clients.

Other Agents Can Still Bring Clients to View Your Property

Gold Alliance members are by invitation only in order to maintain our levels of professionalism and code of ethics. However any agent with a prospective client looking for the right property can arrange viewings and be accompanied by Gold Alliance members.

Member Code of Conduct

  1. Gold Alliance member agents shall adhere to the highest standards of honesty and professional integrity both in their dealings with the public and in their dealings with each other.
  2. Members shall conduct their affairs with integrity and dignity.
  3. Members shall, in particular, refrain from misleading statements and exaggerated claims in their dealings with sellers, buyers and potential buyers.
  4. Members will list properties with honest and fair descriptions, realistic sales price, high quality photographs and will complete the necessary due diligence for the property with the sellers contact details before sending to the other Gold Alliance members to display on their own company websites.
  5. Members shall recommend to all buyers to obtain good independent legal advice prior to the purchasing of a property.
  6. Members will be clear that any deposit taken in regard to purchasing a property will be non-refundable unless during the solicitors due diligence that there is a legal reason why the purchase should not complete the purchase and in this instant the deposit would be returned in full to the buyer.
  7. Members shall comply with all applicable local laws, including tax laws.
  8. Members shall accept responsibility for all acts of their staff.
  9. Members shall comply with this code of conduct or face being expelled from the Gold Alliance.
  10. Members shall, upon request, provide the founding members of the Gold Alliance with copies of any document relating to their dealings with any other person or their business practices which, in the opinion of the Gold Alliance, may be necessary in order to establish the member’s compliance with his obligations under this code or in connection with any reported dispute.
  11. If any dispute arises between a member and any seller, buyer or other customer, the member shall draw attention to the existence of such to the founding members of the Gold Alliance.
  12. This code of conduct shall not limit the rights that a member might enjoy under local law or otherwise.
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