1. Price it Correctly – A major issue that constantly arises with the real estate market in Hua Hin is over-inflated ideas of what a property can realistically sell for. There is a lot on the market and buyers are going to look around (rightfully so) and see what they can get for their money; this will obviously involve comparing the prices of the properties they have viewed.
  2. Give Your Property a Makeover – It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint, some new furniture and fittings or some new tiles will do for a property. In the current climate your property needs a ‘wow’ factor, especially if it’s a re-sale. First impressions really do count so it’s more than advisable to have a gate and fences that are in a good condition, a clean driveway and nicely kept gardens. Most people will decide if they are interested or not in under a minute.
  3. Get Some High Quality Photos Taken – So much marketing and promotional work is done on the internet in today’s industry and having some eye-catching pics of your property is an absolute essential.


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